RS, the author of Jacques Brel De Definitieve Biografie has been invited to attend the famous Collectors & Maga Record Fair in Jaarbeurs Utrecht as VIP Guest in the weekend of 13 and 14 April. He will present there a number of rarities from his personal collection. In addition, there will be the possibility to buy the book, hand signed, at a limited, special fair price.

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Brel De Defintieve on VPRO TV

On 6 and 12 January, Dutch VPRO Television will broadcast Brel’s famous 1964 concert in Bergen in their series ‘Vrije Geluiden’. The direct occasion is the publication of René Seghers’s biography Jacques Brel De Definitieve.

The introduction will focus on the book and the description there of Brel’s Bergen concert, after which the concert will be broadcast. has aided the broadcast with materials from the book.

VPRO Television
Nederland 1 6 January
(repeated 12 January)
10.30 AM

Viewable online here

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The press on Brel de definitieve

Brel De Definitieve in the press

NEW FOLK SOUNDS: New Folk Sounds (2013 NEW!)






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  • RS with Brel De Defintieve before a maquette of the Askoy II
  • Mayor of Kruibeke, Antoine Denert welcomes the visitors
  • Publisher Leo de Haes of Houtekiet (BE) explains why he embraced the book
  • RS with the great Belgian singer Will Ferdy, who started the Brel cover tradition there
  • German chansonniere Maegie Koreen with RS
  • RS presenting a Powerpoint presentation on Brel De Definitieve

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image005Jacques Brel | De Definitieve is 100% interactive with the website Not only will you find additions and updates online, regarding important elements in the book, such as the Brel Cover Top-200, the Complete Brel Cover Recitals, the complete Brel Tribute Albums and the Brel Book Reviews, but you can also vote for the ones of your choice. Soon it will be you who decides what ranking any given song or book should have, since the voting system automatically transfers items to the right place, after one surpasses another in the terms of collected votes. You can also add your own review of or comments on these publications.


image017New entries to the cover section will be placed in a 'new entries' portal, the so called 'hot-parade', where they can collect votes for 3 months, before they enter the all time ranking.

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Audiovisuele Interviews

image023We aim to produce as many filmed interviews as possible with cover artists, biographers, and eyewitnesses of Brel's life and art. These interviews we will place there where those interviewed have their place in this website, but we will also publish them in a special videography section.

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Wanted: Captain Helmut Rutten

image029For the reconstruction of one of the most colorful chapters in the history of the Askoy II, we are seeking contact with its previous skipper, Helmut Rutten. The latter sailed the ship when the feds busted it for smuggling pot in the early late 1980's. Though illegal in some parts of the world, this substance is wholly legal in The Netherlands, and I personally thank Mr. Rutten for adding this adventurous chapter to the Askoy's history. However, it would be nice to have some recorded mementos of this episode. So if you know or are Mr. Rutten, please contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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401 logo bijgewerktThis high end website has been constructed with the support of, our sole sponsor. We don't ask you to support us financially in order to keep this website updated and growing. However, should you have need of advice regarding optimizations or upgrading your own websites, or should you want to have your own high end website at low cost, than you might consider visiting


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The Askoy II has recently left the dock at Nieuwe Scheldewerven where it was welded and treated with the love it so desperately needed, after having been buried in the News Zeeland's desolate beach sands for so many years. We congratulate Piet and Staf Wittevrongel and the Askoy II foundation with this major step towards getting her to sail again!

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Jacques Brel | De Definitieve Biografie





Read here all about René Seghers brand new Jacques Brel biography, Jacques Brel | De Definitieve. This biography brings breaking news concerning Brel's alleged son, reveals the identity & looks of the real Marieke, reveals the real names of his secret loves and tells the amazing story of his boat, the Askoy II. It brings the memoires of those who sailed with Brel in his final years spent in the Pacific, among them Maddly Bamy, Prisca Parish, Kathy Cleveland en Lee Adamson. In addition, the book features the complete, illustrated Brel discography and videography (in full color), along with the incredible story of Brel cover albums. More than 5.000 Brel cover albums have been released, by artists so diverse as Wende, Liesbeth List, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand & Madonna up until artists from China, Vietnam, Iceland or Japan!

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Video section updates

image003We added exclusive video interviews with Brel cover artist Filip Jordens, the saviors of the shipwrecked Askoy II, Piet en Staff Wittevrongel, as well as with the man who alone committed himself to the restoration of the hull and masts, Peter Jansens of the Nieuwe Scheldewerven in Rupelmonde.

Complete Brel Cover Albums

image013The complete Brel cover albums feature the chronological list of all covers albums on vinyl, cassette, cd, cd-r or video/dvd that consist of at least 4 Brel covers. Of such albums more than 230 have been released since 1958, all of which are reviewed her, and all of which can be voted for. Besides having the voting option, you can also add your own review to the existing reviews! In addition, the book gives the complete watermark-free artwork along with the integral track lists of each album, along with a lavishly illustrated introductory chapter.

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Ode to Brel

image021Except the mentioned 1000's of Brel Cover songs, there have been more than 100 Brel Tribute Albums recorded since 1966. These memorize, salute, defend, criticize or attack Brel. With a single mouse click you can once again vote for any given one of these songs, or you can switch from the chronological ranking to the alphabetical one, or to the ranking base don popularity of tribute songs. Here as well as elsewhere, you can also ad your own comments.

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Askoy II

image027Jacques Brel | De Definitieve brings an extensive essay of the incredible story of Brel's boat, the Askoy II, from its genesis in the mind of Belgian architect Hugo van Kuyck, up until its shipwreck in a storm before the coast of New Zealand. While you can find the full illustrated history of the Askoy in the book, the website brings updates on the restoration of the ship, after the brothers Piet and Staff Wittevrongel miraculously salvaged it from the New Zealand's coast.

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Wanted: Prisca Parrish

image031Prisca Parrish wrote a book regarding her journey on the Korrig, which ship sailed along with Brel's Askoy through the Panama channel in 1973. We haven't managed to contact Miss. Parrish yet, but would like to interview her regarding her book and her memories of the journey. Do you know her, or are you Prisca Parrish, then please contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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